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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is snap jewelry ?

Snaps jewelry is a whole new kind of interchangeable jewelry that features "fashion snaps" -- button-like charms you snap in and out of stylish bracelets, rings, and more! Partnerbeads is best supplier in this field. With over 5000 snap designs to choose from, you can create and re-create jewelry that expresses YOUR personality, any way you choose! There's a snap for every personality, every style, and every occasion. To change your Snaps, simply pry out using your finger. The Snap will detach from the finding and can quickly be removed and replaced with a new design. Partnerbeads snaps are high quality material and plated. We wholesale directly from our three factories, so our price is the best in the market. Snaps bracelets, snaps rings, snaps pendant, snaps necklace, snaps glasses, snaps bags. Most of snaps charms have stock, and could ship in 2-3days.

Q: Typical questions


Q: What is the difference between “Shopping Stock” and “Factory Order”?

A: Choosing the “Shopping stock” option implies buying products already in our warehouse inventory. This is generally the best way to purchase as it is fastest. “Factory Order” means that you are placing an order for the product to be produced in the factory specifically for you. This of course generally is slower, due to the time required to manufacture.



Q: Generally, what are shipping and delivery times?


A: We are usually able to ship a product within 1-2 days if a item is in stock and a customer is purchasing through the “Shopping Stock” option. For a Factory Order, it may take anywhere from 2-5 weeks - depending on products being produced - before we are able to ship to our customers.

It usually takes 2-4 days for delivery to most countries through DHL. We will send you an email informing you when we ship out products.


Q: What are your shipping methods?

 A: We calculate Transport costs based on real weight and country.

We mainly use Fedex, UPS,DHL, EMS and China Post.

If you need another Express Company, please email us before placing an order.

Below are shipping costs (under 0.5kg) for reference (2015-09-06):

Country             FEDEX   UPS    DHL       TNT     EMS      China Post

USA/AUS        $25         $25         $25      $35      $20         $7

EUROPE          $30       $30         $30       $35      $25         $7


Expected Delivery time:

FEDEX /UPS /DHL/TNT: 3-5days to most countries.

EMS5-7days to most countries.

China Post: -7-25 days to the USA

-18-45 days to Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and other Western European countries.

-21-45 days to Russian and Eastern European countries. 

-16-30 days to Australia and New Zealand.


During checkout, please check the full weight of each item. We show the net weight of goods in the order list, this weight is not includes the weight of the packaging. Usually packaging box will add about 100g-200g to total weight.

China Post does not accept parcels over 2.0kg.

For DHL, if package is above 20KG. Because of this, certain situations you may receive a cheaper rate at 20KG, than at 17KG. We recommend trying to reach 20KG for large orders if possible for this reason.


Q: What is a T/T bank wire transfer intermediary fee?

A: Sometimes – particularly if transferring money using a bank in a small town, or exchange currency is not USD – the bank may charge what is called an “Intermediary fee”. What this is you bank forcing you to pay a “middle man” fee to another bank to transfer money. For example, you want your bank (Bank A) to transfer money to our bank (Bank C). In some situations, Bank A (your bank) cannot transfer money to Bank C (our bank), so I must first transfer money to Bank B (an intermediary bank), and from Bank B transfer to money to Bank C. We do not know if you bank will charge an intermediary fee, for this you will need to ask your bank first before using T/T bank wire transfer method.


Q: What is the difference in payment methods? Why is using PayPal more expensive?

A: PayPal charges us 4.5% for online payments, whereas other payment methods such as bank transfer do not charge such a fee. If we were to not charge our customers the 4.5% fee PayPal charges us, it would require us to raise the price of our products. Due to us trying to cut costs and pass the saving onto our customers whenever possible, we give the option of using different payment methods that don’t charge such a fee to save you money. We hope you understand, and do apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding this might cause.

Q: How to place order?
1.       Sign In.
If you do not have an account, you should register first, Join free . Pl fill in your correct deliver address, telephone number and email. You could update the personal information at any time if necessary, but the email can not be changed once the account is confirmed.
2.       Select items you like
You could choose items by catalogue or in your favorite list.
3.       Fill in the quantity.
There are three choices, Shopping stock, Add favorite and Factory order.
The shopping stock is used to purchase stock items, the quantity should be below our stock, you will find the items you choose in the shopping cart. If only press "Shopping stock" without fill in qty, SYSTEM Default 3 pcs order 
If the stock is 0 or not enough, you could use Factory order to make a custom order, the MOQ is usually 10pcs/each item. If only press "Factory order" without fill in qty, SYSTEM Default 10 pcs order 
You could use Add favorite to collect the items you like, you will find those items in the Favorite list. Favorite list will always exist even you add item to other cart from it, so it’s will helpful for regular repeat order.
4.  Change in the cart.
You could change the qty, add or delete items in each cart.
When you finish select goods, you could press "confirm order".
5.  Choose payment method and shipping method.
Choose shipping express , we mainly use DHL, PL email us if need other express.
Choose the payment method. We accept payment from TT, PayPal and west union,
PAYPAL will need 4.5% extra cost.
Then you will have total amount of this order, total amount may be changed by us because two reason: a. goods’ value: some item is out-stock b. shipping cost: it is over 5.0kg or you some Volume Cargo
6.  Confirm order
Choose your country (which you mail to), fill in address details ( PHONE ECT)
If you have any special demands, you could leave message when fulfill the Consignee information.
Then you will finish the order after click Confirm order.
Now you have an order number. In your account, you could check your order in "Order History". You could download this order (Excel), You can't change you orders once confirmed, please contact us by email if that.
7.       Check the Invoice
Our system will send the invoice automatically once getting your order. Do not reply that email since that email is noly for sent order, any question please still contact our email
If you do not get it, pl check you spam box, some mail box may treat as spam since it is sent by Automated system.
We will also send the invoice in 24 hours though email.
It needs full amount for the stock order and 50% as deposit for factory order.
8.       Payment
We didn’t provide directly pay-link to Paypal or others yet, so if you choose PayPal and need us to send paypal payment request, pl email to tell us.
Pay and then email us the payment information, especially though TT or west union.
We will prepare your order or start to produce for you once getting the payment.
Please pay in time to confirm your order, the stock items, before you pay, we can not put your order goods aside because it's unfair for other customers, so pay quickly will much helpful to make your order complete. It's very common situation that some customers order some types in same day, specially some new item, so we have to keep Neutral position, who pay first, who get first.
9.       Delivery
We will send the stock order in 1-2 days.
It usually needs 2-5 weeks for Factory order, 2 weeks for glass beads and 4-5weeks for silver beads. We will email you to pay the rest when it is ready and send once getting your rest payment.
It usually costs 2-4days for delivery to most of the countries though DHL.
If there are some balance(over paid or short of some items), you could choose to refund to you or use for your next order.
10.    repeat order
If you are very familiar with the items code you want or just repeat your former order, you could make order with “quick add by item code or spreadsheet” in your cart.
Some customers need to show real goods amount or a special amount in shipping invoice for the customs, if so, please email or write in message to tell us before sent goods. Usually, we Declared export value of U.S. $ 20-40
Q: Order Process

Q: Price and customer level policy


1.  Price will depend on customer level, and customer level will base on their purchase history amount.
      Website will  give each level discount price automatically.
2.  First level is new buyer, VIP  will be the Fifth level (not last now),
      Higher level will be our partner level, Gold level and so on.
3.  Base on this policy, new customers will get wholesale price first and get discount price when their  purchase history amount meet the standards.
     For new customer, Recharge their account  500 USD will  get "VIP" right and could begin with a discount price.



Q: About Price and discount policy?
1.  Price will depend on customer level, and customer level will base on their purchase history amount.
      Website will  give each level discount price automatically.
     First level is new buyer, VIP  will be the Fifth level (not last now),
      Higher level will be our partner level, Gold level and so on.
     Base on this policy, new customers will get wholesale price first and get discount price when their  purchase history amount meet the standards. 
For new customer, Recharge their account  500 USD will  get "VIP" right and could begin with a discount price.

2. Our price is not Static always, usually, new item will be expensive than old type item which looks like same cost, 
like our Swarovski beads, we sale it price 6 USD/pc at begin, it is also base on our cost (Need to cover mold fees, and worker are not practiced at that time). 
now we sale them by price lower than 4USD, it is also base on our cost and marketing analysis. 
So,It's possible that you find our price different to your last order price.
3. When Material price increase or decrease more than 5%, we may be change our price . 
We are focus on high quality beads, example, our Sterling Silver beads are made of S925 solid silver material, 
so we are more easily affected by Silver price compare to those silver plated factory.
4. When USD($)&RMB Exchage rate change more than 5%, we may be change our price. 
5. After you place your order, the price already be confirmed, we do not  change your order price after you give order. 
Order is a contract, when order invoice confirmed by both parties, we do not change even silver price increase a lot, 
and you also need to keep a balanced state of mind if some new item price decrease on web after you place order, 
because it is quite common situation. And customer who buy new item will get time advantage. 
Q: How to Pay


We have 4 kinds of Payment Methods:


1.  Pay by Bank Transfer T/T to our Bank of China account

Account Name: 
A/C NO: 
Swift Number: 
Bank ADD:

Please note payment for goods

2.  Pay by Paypal  (will extra cost 4.5%)

Paypal Account:

Important : Please write the order number and your name in note when you pay by paypal.

3.  Credit Card via Paypal (will need extra cost 4.5%),

Paypal Account:

when we sent you Paypal request, you could pay by Credit Card via paypal.

4.  Pay by Western Union

Western Union Beneficiary:
(first name) 
(last name) 
Add: Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China
Tel: 0086-579-8520-4040 ; 0086-13676801936


Please choose your payment method in these 4 methods, we don't  accept other methods right now.




Q: shipping method & shipping cost


We calculate Transport cost base on real Weight and country.

We mainly use Fedex, Dhl,  Ups, EMS and China Post.

If you need other Express Company, Please email us before place order.

 Below are shipping cost (under 0.5kg) for reference

Country              DHL             Ups       EMS          China Post

USA/Aus            $25              $35         $20            $7

EURO                 $30             $35          $25           $7

 Expected Delivery time:

DHL/Fedex/Ups : 3-5days to most of the countries.

EMS:     5-7days to most of the countries.

China Post:

·  7-25   days to USA

·  18-45 days to  Canada,UK,Irland ,France,Germany and other Western Europe

·  21-45 days to Russian and East Europe Countries 

·  16-30 days to Australia and NewZerland

In order list, Please check details weight of each item, it's real, be carefull, some display case is heavy. We show the net weight of goods in order list,after finish packing, Usually Total weight will add packing box about 100g-200g, for example, if your goods net weight is 450g, it's sure total weight after packing will above 500g, and express company will calculate weight as 1000g, they only calculate weight by 500g. sometimes we also think it's unfair, but it is the real situation, we have to accepte it.

China Post do not accept the parcel over 2.0kg.

For DHL, if package above 20KG, will fit a better price rate, so, sometimes, express fees for 17KG package will even higher than 21 KG package, what a funny situation. if you can order more than 20 KG, please do it, it's will save shipping cost in case you already order about more than 15 KG goods.


Q: About S925 Solid Sterling Silver

We emphasize that our sterling silver products as a true standard of 92.5% (even higher) sterling silver, not the Tibetan silver or other low quality silver which purity less than 92.5%,and without any non-green material. There are many sellers on the market claimed their low-cost production silver, but not true. We firmly believe that only in good faith to operate to sustainable development.
Tips, only 925 silver jewelry can be long-term preservation, with the role of property, only the silver material, long-term wear will not cause harm to humans. Some unscrupulous sellers sale beads which even contains non-environmentally materials, such as lead, not only damage your body, even if you do not wear, which will also continue to pose a hazard to the environment. Unqualified plating material will sneak into your body causing damage when you sweating. These are the reasons need to ensure 925 silver material. Since there are many bad sellers who have no idea of environmental philosophy and bad credit, they deceive a lot of consumers and wholesalers in a short time, so market price of sterling silver beads is very confusing currently, sometimes, we suffered a great loss. We believe that consumers will found out the true sooner or later, the only real long-lasting quality to win the trust of customers.
The following are some of the ways how to identify 92.5% sterling silver, for your reference:
Step 1
Look for marks. If it is made from sterling silver, it will be marked with a number, 925. This is an indicator of the amount of pure silver used. The piece may also be inscribed with the words "Ster," "Sterling" or "Sterling Silver".
Step 2
Perform the magnet test. Gold, silver and platinum are not magnetic, and will not attract a magnet. If the piece being tested holds a strong attraction to a magnet, it does not hold precious metal value.
Step 3
Pick it up. Real silver isn't heavy and it isn't very light neither. Compare the feel to that of a piece of known silver to know what the weight should be.
Step 4
Test the metal with nitric acid if you are still unsure. Put on protective gloves and goggles to protect yourself. Add a tiny drop of the acid to an area of the silver that won't be seen afterward. The reaction between the acid and the metal will produce one of two results: a positive result that will look creamy in color or a negative result that will look green in color. A green result means that the metal is not sterling or any other type of silver.
This guide will help you learn to identify quality in silver jewelry and accessories.
Sterling Silver
Pure Silver, also called fine silver, is relatively soft, very malleable, and easily scratched so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more resilient product. The most popular of these alloys is sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Although any metal can make up the 7.5% non-silver portion of sterling, centuries of experimentation have shown copper to best improve the metal's hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color.
The small amount of copper added to sterling has little effect on the metal's value. Instead the price of the silver item is affected by the labor involved in making the item, the skill of the craftsperson, and the intricacy of the design.
Identifying Quality Sterling Silver
All high quality silver items are stamped with a "Sterling Silver" or "925" mark. This mark identifies the precious metal content of the jewelry.
Silver Alloys
Because pure silver is so soft, it should only be used when malleability is required, such as in handcrafted jewelry featuring weaving and other intricate designs. Sterling Silver is most often used for jewelry and household accessories because of its combination of beauty and durability.
With proper care, your fine quality silver will last a lifetime. To minimize scratches and other damage, store your silver jewelry either in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box. Avoid exposing your silver to household chemicals when cleaning with bleach or ammonia, or when swimming in chlorinated water, as these chemicals can damage silver.
Clean your Silver REGULARLY!
Care should also be taken to prevent silver tarnish build-up a dulling that naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the surrounding air. To clean your silver, use specific formulas to remove tarnish. You can find fine silver polishes, solutions, or cloths designed to remove tarnish. These are available at most hardware stores or specialty craft stores. Tarnish is most easily removed when it first becomes visible! So keep an eye out for it! Although wearing your silver often is the best way to prevent it to be tarnished , regular cleanings of all your silver items will prevent tarnish and keep your silver bright, sparkling, and beautiful. 


Q: Skill of searching on
Skill of searching on partnerbeads
1.Goods list on web could be arranged in different orders to facilitate your purchase,
and you could choice by   sale ranking;  item code;    newest;   and    price
2. "browse by hotkey" could help you to easily find color and glass photo print snap and other holiday types
Q: Pay attention to the T/T intermediary bank fees
T/T intermediary bank fees
Sometimes, we found the money which we received less than customers'T/T. The situation is not always come up except the following T/T operations: when customers' location is in small town, or currency is not USD, usually will be charged by intermediary bank about 10-25 USD. It's not much, however it bring much trouble to us. Especially customer didn't be told by their bank that the intermediary bank will charge fees.
After Google search, we found the reason:
Resolved Question
How can I find out about international wire transfer fees?
I recently sent some money from overseas to the U.S. I paid commission and wire transfer fee at the originating bank overseas. I sent the money to the U.S. bank which I knew does not charge incoming wire transfer fees. When I received the money, the amount was smaller than what I sent from overseas. When I inquired my bank (the receiving bank), I was told that they did not charge a fee, but an intermediary bank probably did. Later, when I needed to have another transfer made, I asked another bank and its intermediary bank how much they charge for incoming international wire transfer. The bank that I have my account at said they charge 10USD. The intermediary bank said that international wire transfers go through many financial institutions before coming into their bank, and they cannot tell me how much will be charged. How is this possible - and why is it tolerated that you cannot tell how much fees will be charged before sending the money? Is there a way to find out?
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
You need to find out how much the sending bank overseas sent and how much you actually received when it finally got to your account here in the states. Many sending banks don't know what they are talking about. Foreign banks send "Swift" Payment orders to their corresponding banks in the U.S.. They in turn will send the payment via fed to your bank. What you don't know is how the foreign bank's account is set up with the corresponding bank and with what terms. If you received $10,25, 35 less than what was originally sent, then this is called the "Bene deduct fee". 

For Example..

Barclays Bank in London has sent a Swift Payment order for $500 to be sent to your account held at Citibank. Barclays in London naturally will send it to their U.S. Correspondent in New York- which is Barclays Plc (New York). New York will act on the instructions sent by London with no alterations what-so-ever. But what is important is to realize is how the account (terms) of Barclays-London is set up with Barclays-New York. 

There is a field on the MT 103 Swift payment order instructions. Each field is indentified with a number- example Line 20 or line 59 or line 70. Lines 57 and 59 are usually the beneficiary field info- on the swift. I do not know the number field for "Details of Charges" but if Barclays-London left that field blank, then the Corresponding bank- Barclays-New York will indeed take the "Bene decuct fee" out. - Again, I don't know what the amount of the bene deduct fee is. - And for corresponding banks, the fee varies. 

On the swift the "Details of Charges" field will look like this....

1)Details of Charges- "OUR"

2)Details of Charges-" Ben"

3)Details of Charges- sometimes this field will be left blank by the sending bank.

OUR means that the sending bank is advising the corresponding bank not to take an additional fee

BEN means that the sending bank is advising the corresponding bank to take an additional fee

LEAVING THE FIELD BLANK- means the corresponding bank will take a fee regardless.

Believe it or not. This is just a simple example of how a Swift Payment order works. If fees are taken out, then its the sending bank's fault. They are or are not advising their correspondents of the bene deduct fee. 

Since calling the corresponding/intermediary bank is a lost cause (because you are not their customer) the best thing to do is have you local bank here in the United States call their wire department and see if the representative from the wire department will call the corresponding bank. Usually (not always) the corresponding bank will tell them- yes there was a $25 bene deduct fee taken out.

Unfortunately, you have no control over these fees.- unless you advise the sending bank this. But are you willing to spend at least another 50-100 dollars calling overseas to answer this request.
Wire Transfer Speciailst- 14 years. Banking operations 21 years.


Q: Volume Cargo

When the volume weight (length x width x height cm/5000) > the real weight, we call these kinds of goods Volume Cargo (or bulky cargo), such as the feather earrings, small gift bags. In the air shipping, it usually charges the shipping cost by weight. But for those volume cargo, the express companies charge the postage based on the volume weight.


So the weight of volume cargo listed on our website is measured calculation, equals to the volume weight.

Like FE0031, the real weight is 2.3g, the weight listed on our website 7g is the volume weight.

Q: The difference of PayPal fee between cross-border transfer and transfer in one country

The PayPal fee is 2.9% for transfer in one country. But it is 3.9% for cross-border.


Pl check the below link for cross-border transfer PayPal fee in detailed: 

Paypal reduce the cost when we begin to be their VIP customer, but not much. 

And there are other fees, paypal will take about 35-50USD each time when we take money from my account in paypal.

What is more, when money arrived my China bank, Bank of China take fees again about 17-25 USD one time. if I take 10,000 USD each time, these fees will about 0.5%.

PARTNERBEADS jewelry OEM customization and price

It’s exciting to put your logo on bracelet or design your own style beads. Your brand will be welcome by consumers just as band partner, CHAMILIA, because you bring fresh air to them.
In the past, such work requires the unique design capability and very good patient. Now under our assistance, it's could be relatively easier.  We will be partner of your business always.
See what we could help…………..

1. OEM A Carve your LOGO to the existing products type.
2. OEM B Change beads’ color; size; shape; or create new design
3. OEM C Project & brand development
4. OEM D Produce gold beads S585 (14K)
Logo on bracelet
60pcs bracelets
+50 USD/new model
Outside:  your logo (4-8 letter) 
Inside:   YLG (ABBR of your logo less than 3 letter) + 925
Could choice color gold plated, black; or simple silver or other shape


Logo on Murano beads
Swarovski beads
Crystal beads
1000pcs beads
Need >50pcs /type
+40 USD/new model
One side:  your logo (4-16 letter) 
+ Single S925 core without crew
Another side: YLG (ABBR of your logo) + 925 (like: ALE 925)
Laser Logo on Silver beads
0.6 USD/1beads
Somewhere:   YLG (ABBR of your logo less than 3 letter) + 925
Create a new model to
Logo on Silver beads
+40 USD/new model
Somewhere:   YLG (ABBR of your logo less than 3 letter) + 925
It’s almost equal to create a new silver beads.
Print Logo bag packing
5000pcs /type
  Your logo + other words  (1-2 color)
Putting your logo on beads is just first step, Create your own design to excite your customers.
Change glass color
60pcs beads/type
Change stone color or  of silver beads
60pcs beads/type
None for common color
Some color much expensive
Change Swarovski crystal color
20pcs beads/type
None for most of  color
A Few color much expensive
Changing colors is a very common way to be new, since we have more than 4000 designs, we could not prepare all colors for each design. You could pick some types which you like, and we make 1-12 colors to be a series, usually, this will promote your sales.
Create new silver beads by sample or photo
60pcs /type
+40 USD/new model
Create new glass or Swarovski beads by sample or photo
60pcs /type
Just give us any new beads picture, Size and weight; we could make it 80% similar to Original, if have real sample; we could make 90% similar.

Change core size for silver beads
60pcs /type
+40 USD/new model
Change core size for glass or Swarovski beads
60pcs /type
Change core size, all our stock beads’ core is about 5MM and fit all partner style bracelet and Chamilia style bracelet. If you need beads fit Trollbeads style jewelry, you need to change core to be 3.8MM hole.

Whole project brand development
60pcs /type
+500 USD/ 24 new design for you only
Our artists could full support your brand development. We will follow your idea; your color style; (you could show your idea by a picture of dog, fish, flowers, hill, house, etc),  and make your pictures to be real beads.
Also some project for Wedding; Meetings; Games; charity performance; souvenirs; etc.
Change material to be 14k gold for all beads type
10pcs /type
+80 USD/new model or new core
We could change all of our silver beads & Murano beads core to be 14K (S585) gold beads, if you need, please OEM.



OEM cooperation Notes:
1. Client shall have the rights to use the brand, logo and the unique design, provide documentation when needed. As factory, we are not responsible for infringing act.  2. If OEM order amount more than 5,000USD, we will not charge you OEM service fees (the fees does not include the cost of beads themselves)
3. OEM is not like shopping stock goods, please be patient.

If you plan to have your own beads, please feel free to contact us.
To be your beads business partner is our goal.
Q: Paying at PayPal without a PayPal account (use credit card)

Payments for Partnerbeads are made at PayPal, but you do not need to own a PayPal account to pay: you may enter your credit card's data directly at PayPal and complete your payment. You don't need to register a PayPal account neither


    1. First of all, choose payment method is paypal during order. (you will use credit card)


    2. Please email to ask us to sent a "Paypal request" to you or note will pay by credit card during order.


    3.Then we will sent a Paypal payment request to your email, you will receive an email.


    4. Press (Pay Now) , you will get redirected to PayPal, (please check links should be


    5. Press "Don't have a PayPal account?" 
       Or  press (pay with my credit card or debit card)


    6. Enter your credit card's data
       Address, email & phone number may also be requested depending on your country.
       When you are done, click on "Review and Continue"


    7. Click on "Pay Now"


    8. If they ask you to create a paypal account you could Click on "No, Thanks"


    9. You will get an email from paypal for your payment is complete.
       Below is some steps pictures for your reference.




Q: How to Clear cookies if you meet problems during order process

Dear Customers:

When we upgrade our order system, old website cookie save in your computer will cause problem.

Some customers will find they can not sent order in their usual computer, but if they change another computer or new browser,  they can sent orders.

After clear old web cookie in their computer, they fix the problem.   it's old cookie make problem.

So, you could use another computer or cell phone to place order or you could just clear the cookie. 


how to clear cookies please look the links follow

Step 1: To get started clearing your cookies on Chrome, please click the chrome menu button and select “settings” from the drop-down menu. 


settings in chrome.png


Step 2: Click “show advanced settings” by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. 


advanced settings.png



Step 3: Click the “Content settings” in the “Privacy” section.


content settings.png


Step 4: Click “All cookies and site data” under “Content settings”. 


all cookies and site data.png


Step 5: Here you will find how many cookies have been saved on your computer. If you want to delete an individual cookie from a site, please click “remove” via one of the buttons. While if you want to delete all the cookies, click “Remove all” button at the top of the window. You can also use the search box to search for only cookies containing a certain name or from a certain website.


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You could easy remove all cookie for all websites, or  you could search "partnerbeads" and remove our website old cookies and return back for order.




Other things may helpful when you place order
1.If you want to record your favorite products for a long time, put in the Favorites 
2. In the shopping cart, the number of items selected is at least 1, if not need this item, please delete rather than select 0
3. If you meet problems in the order process, please contact our Customer Service department :, we could place your order for you according to item codes and quantity you need. if you forget your account passwords, please contact with us.




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